The Maison commune de la décroissance was created in 2017 after 2 years of a ‘degrowth-process’.

The MCD is not a university (and it prefers erudition to expertise), but it nevertheless claims to have been feeding a political corpus of analyses, definitions and proposals for years, which it is delighted to share, in order to join the ‘Mediterranean’ path of degrowth.

If we had to draw a guiding idea from this work, it would be the conviction that only a radical critique of individualism – and therefore of the ‘imaginary institution of the modern individual’ – can clear the way for degrowth as the humanism of a sensible life. In terms of form, the MCD wishes to point out that variations can only exist on the basis of a common foundation and that, consequently, what degrowth needs first and foremost is a common ideological framework.

Many thanks to Robin Guinin for his drawings.